Stress must be taken seriously in the workplace

Wednesday 14 November 2012


Employers should take the issue of stress in the workplace seriously, it has been claimed.

Andrea Sangster, director at the Stress Management Society, reminded that employers have a duty of care to all their employees.

They are legally and ethically bound to ensure the wellbeing of workers is factored into the equation when business decisions are made.

There are guidelines laid down by the government and Health and Safety Executive, which deliver guidance on what firms should be doing, she stated.

Ms Sangster said it is important to identify stress hotspots within organisations, and then try to eliminate situations where workers are put under undue duress.

"There have been situations before where particularly stressful areas in companies haven't been dealt with, and it has left a company open to litigation," she added.

"So for the purposes of good man and woman management it is in the interest of companies to manage that."

According to research conducted by Nissan Micra, 08:13 GMT is the time when people's morning stress levels reach boiling point.

However, for parents, peak stress levels are recorded slightly earlier at 08:05 GMT - as they struggle to get the children ready for school.

Posted by Sarah Parish