Autumn Statement must assist UK business, says BCC

Thursday 15 November 2012

Businesses can lead the economic recovery if they are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential, it has been claimed.

John Longworth, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), has called on George Osborne to prioritise growth through new government investment.

He said the Chancellor should use his Autumn Statement to improve conditions for UK businesses, but without jeopardising the government's deficit reduction programme.

Mr Longworth expressed the view that resources need to be re-prioritised to support business growth, international commerce, and the building of houses and infrastructure in Britain.

“Our message to the Chancellor is clear. Business will lead Britain's economic recovery, but needs targeted support and a confidence boost from government," he stated.

"Ministers must be bold and take some unpopular decisions, including a shift of resources from welfare spending towards crucial growth measures."

Mr Longworth said this will not be easy, but the interests of the nation must be put first.

"Firms up and down the country have been looking for ways to grow, export to new markets, and take on more staff in the face of weak growth and continued problems in the eurozone," he stated.

"While recent gross domestic product data will give many businesses a confidence boost, the government still has work to do to ensure that our economic recovery is sustainable over the long-term."

Posted by Dan Smith