Engagement crucial to business productivity

Thursday 15 November 2012

Business leaders need to ensure their workers are fully engaged if they want to maximise productivity, it has been suggested.

Michelle Bailey, managing director of 3Ease Limited, said it is "very, very important" that employees 'buy in' to the vision for the company.

They need to understand their role within the company and how they fit in if they are to work at optimum levels of productivity.

"If you have got higher morale or better relationships with your staff they are more likely to stay with you," Ms Bailey said.

She noted that in the current economic climate, employee engagement is almost a survival strategy for some businesses.

"It is focusing on morale to the degree that you get happy, committed and engaged employees," Ms Bailey said.

These workers then deliver more engaged customers, helping to make the company more competitive and profitable, she stated.

"It makes good business sense to have engaged employees and better relationships with people. At the moment it is probably more important because of all the pressures from the economy," Ms Bailey added.

Posted by Sarah Parish