Respect consumers' privacy, urges customer service expert

Friday 16 November 2012

Businesses should think carefully before calling consumers with sales pitches without their permission, it has been claimed.

Richard Shapiro, founder and president of The Centre For Client Retention, warned that cold calling risks alienating people - and businesses cannot afford to take this risk with paying customers.

"Although consumers love their mobile devices, they despise when their phone numbers are used as marketing tools without their permission," he stated.

Mr Shapiro said he had heard of "so many cases" where people were phoned or sent SMS messages by a business without their permission.

This usually has the effect of making them irate, he said - meaning they are less likely to buy from the company at any point in the future.

"Make sure your company not only puts policies in place to ensure privacy, but also has customer feedback mechanisms," Mr Shapiro advised.

This will give consumers an established way of opting out of any unwanted communication, reducing the risk of them being disturbed with a call or message they so not want.

Mr Shapiro said that respecting consumers' privacy is a key element of excellent customer service, and one that should not be overlooked when formulating a marketing campaign.

Posted by Jenny Arthur