Shared hosting is suitable for the majority of SMBs

Friday 16 November 2012


For most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), shared hosting is likely to appeal more than dedicated due to the costs involved.

SMBs signing up to use shared hosting for their website are allocated a small proportion of a server's resources.

Various other companies and organisations will also be using this server, so to some extent, they are competing for its utility.

This has a bearing on the price vendors can charge - and explains the relative affordability of shared hosting compared to some of the alternatives.

Dedicated hosting, for instance, is much more costly as businesses have a whole server to themselves.

But few SMBs are likely to require this higher level service - unless they have a large website and a particularly active customer base.

As well as affordability, technical support is another major benefit of shared hosting.

Customers may not have access to dedicated server resources, but they are likely to be looked after by their host - providing they select a reputable service provider.

Shared hosting works because the host manages the server on behalf of its customers, and is able to resolve any technical issues they may experience.

This frees the SMB up to focus on attracting customers and driving revenue, rather than worrying about how they will power their website and other online activities.

Posted by Alex Boardman