Businesses to welcome govt policy on regulation

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Government efforts to deregulate will be welcomed by the UK's business community, it has been claimed.

Dr Adam Marshall, director of policy and external affairs at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), claimed that unnecessary red tape costs firms time and money and can act as a barrier to growth.

He was commenting after Michael Fallon, Minister for Business and Enterprise, announced the new 'One-in, Two-out rule', which is geared at eliminating bureaucracy.

This will apply to regulations affecting businesses and voluntary organisations from January 2013.

However, Dr Marshall noted that the rule will only apply to the regulations that are currently deemed ‘in scope’ of the system - and a significant number, including EU regulations, are exempt from this process.

"The system should be reviewed to ensure that relevant regulations are in scope, as this will help to reduce burdensome red tape that prevents businesses from growing, innovating and creating employment," he stated.

"Businesses are doing everything they can to grow in an uncertain economic climate and bold action is needed to deliver growth - part of that must be reducing the regulatory burden on companies."

Dr Marshall added that regulatory reduction is not just about Whitehall processes.

"Businesses on the ground must feel the load is lightening substantially too," he stated.

Posted by Dan Smith