IT leaders aware of business security risks

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Nobody in charge of business' IT function is likely to overlook data security, it has been suggested.

Dominic Storey, technical director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at, said company leaders are well aware of IT security risks in the digital age.

He suggested that people feel as if they are being targeted, whether or not this is actually the case.

And as such, businesses are taking steps to defend their IT systems and data, rather than assuming they will not come under attack.

Mr Storey said that many people working in IT security will now have experienced some form of security issue.

Those who have not are likely to know someone who has been impacted, and this should encourage them to invest in IT security, he added.

"There's a sort of gestalt that's happened in the market, with companies thinking this could be real rather than something that someone's trying to sell them," Mr Storey stated.

"They've seen enough bad things happen that are reported in the press now how organisations have suffered from particular, targeted attacks.

Last month it was reported that the UK is to establish a new centre of excellence on cyber security to offer countries independent advice on how to build secure and resilient internet space.

The Centre for Global Cyber-Security Capacity Building, which will draw on the expertise generated by eight research universities, is designed to improve international co-ordination, increase access to expertise, and promote good governance online.

It will act as a forum to draw together leading thinking and initiatives from across the world including from think tanks and the private sector.

Posted by Alex Boardman