Employees fear data loss but still take mobile device risks

Tuesday 20 November 2012

The majority of people who use a computer, tablet or smartphone for work activities feel their online privacy is threatened, it has been claimed.

Research conducted by non-profit IT association ISACA found that eight out of ten workers have concerns about this issue.

Yet the study revealed that many persist with actions and attitudes which put their privacy and security at risk.

Some ten per cent have clicked on links in emails from people they did not know, while 16 per cent have used the same passwords for work and shopping sites.

One in five respondents (20 per cent) admitted to clicking on links from social media websites, while eight per cent have lost their corporate or personal device used for work.

Marc Vael, an international vice-president of ISACA, noted that despite "considerable concern" about their online privacy and security, consumers are simply not willing to give up behaviour that is high-risk.

As such, they risk compromising both their own and their employers' cash, data and reputation, he stated.

Another ISACA international vice-president, Ramsés Gallego, said that using the same password for different sites "will make it easier for criminals to hack into your accounts".

This can allow them to compromise the data held by organisations, he noted.

"The more personal details you share about yourself online, the more likely you are to be a victim of social engineering attacks, especially with all of the data aggregators that combine seemingly innocent pieces of data into one comprehensive picture," Mr Gallego stated.

Posted by Alex Boardman