Use the cloud to reduce overall energy usage

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Cloud computing is helping to reduce the environmental impact of the IT sector, it has been claimed.

Writing for Information Week, Charles Babcock said that new data centres are being constructed around the world to support the delivery of hosted services.

He claimed this is helping to reduce overall electricity consumption, as the use of off-premise servers helps increase utilisation rates and reduce the waste generated through spare server capacity.

Mr Babcock explained that concerns over the green aspects of cloud computing have been raised in some quarters, due to the large amounts of energy required by data centres.

But he offered the view that it is better to have a series of large resource users, than have every single company and organisation powering servers in house - potentially units they may only have limited use for.

"A full energy audit might find that cloud computing is more energy efficient than predecessor platforms, and many of its activities replace more material- and energy-consuming ones in the physical world," Mr Babcock noted.

"I'm betting the electricity consumed per unit of computing will continue to decline and the productivity of work accomplished in the cloud will become a strong counter-argument to rationing."

Posted by Alex Boardman