Use time clocks to boost productivity, business leader urges

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Employers may be able to increase workplace productivity by implementing a clocking on and off system, it has been suggested.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Sameer Bhatia, founder of, said that very often, companies lose significant amounts of time during each working day due to lateness and long breaks.

If an employee takes five minutes longer than they should every lunchtime for a week, and then a month, this builds up to a sizeable chunk of lost working time.

Equally, if they are slightly late each morning, or leave the workplace before they are due to, this can quickly add up to lost productivity.

"If your business does not make use of a time clock, then install one now," Mr Bhatia urged.

"Require your workers to clock in and out to record their arrival and departure times. A time clock will help you gauge lateness and absenteeism, problems that can be missed when operating on an honour system."

He said employers should explain to workers that the clock will help them better evaluate performance and reward employees who stick to their schedule.

However, employers need to take care when implementing such a system, as they do not want to risk alienating their staff.

Some employees may resent being watched over with high a degree of scrutiny - and this could potentially harm morale and performance levels.

Employers need to assess where their main priority lies - but above all, communicate clearly with workers and inform them of their responsibility to be good timekeepers.

Posted by Sarah Parish