Suitable equipment needed for workplace productivity

Thursday 22 November 2012

Customer service

If employees are not provided with appropriate equipment, they cannot be blamed for failing to operate at maximum productivity rates, it has been suggested.

In an article for Business 2 Community, Sameer Bhatia said companies cannot afford to persist with obsolete IT solutions and other equipment when better alternatives are readily available.

The founder of said that from time to time, businesses may need to upgrade hard drives, bring in a new server or eliminate low performing systems.

Otherwise, employees could be left working with one hand tied behind their backs - trying to make the most of office kit that no longer works effectively.

This not only wastes time in itself, but can lead to frustration on behalf of the employees and a further reduction in productivity.

"Evaluate your hardware needs to see if simpler equipment might be better used to accomplish some tasks," Mr Bhatia urged.

He said that the most expensive IT solutions on the market are not always the best suited to the job - it depends what employees are being asked to do.

Employers should avoid over-providing on office equipment, but also be aware of the risks of failing to deliver the tools workers need to be effective in their paid roles.

Posted by Sarah Parish