Business intelligence a critical priority of 10% of CIOs

Thursday 22 November 2012

Business intelligence has emerged as one of the key priorities for chief information officers (CIOs) in the modern enterprise, it has been claimed.

A study conducted by market research firm Telsyte revealed that IT leaders are seeking ways of using information more effectively, responding to big data and making more informed business decisions.

Some 11 per cent of CIOs interviewed by the firm described business intelligence as a 'critical' priority for their organisation, with many more recognising its value.

Rodney Gedda, senior analyst and CIO programme lead at Telsyte, said this is one of a number of key priorities, including security, mobility and skills.

Earlier this year, Dominic Pollard, editor at the Big Data Insight Group, said the volume of data being collected and stored by businesses is continuing to rise.

He claimed that examples of big data are "everywhere you look" in business, and the amount of data being held is "increasing exponentially".

"Exactly how much by is a matter of contrasting stats and figures," Mr Pollard added.

"But one of the most commonly stated facts is that today we generate as much electronic data every single day as everything that had been created prior to 2003."

Posted by Dan Smith