Cloud adoption has benefits for UK SMBs

Thursday 22 November 2012


Cloud computing offers a variety of benefits for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to move on to the next level, it has been claimed.

Writing for Cloud Tech, Britt Cooper explained that the use of hosted services can help reduce IT costs and lead to efficiencies and operational improvements across the enterprise.

She noted that use of cloud services offers "unprecedented accessibility" to IT resources across multiple locations and access points.

"You can get your information anywhere, on any device, whenever you like, so long as you have an internet connection," Ms Cooper stated.

She added that the use of cloud servers also means SMBs receive protection 24/7.

"Your information will be constantly monitored remotely and companies experiencing power cuts or hacker infiltrations will have their systems and data secure," Ms Cooper added.

"Cloud servers will simplify your filing system considerably as data can be saved in all sorts of formats. It’s all very easily configured."

The IT service delivery model also allows companies to do things that have historically been long and arduous processes, she said.

Examples of this are sending out bulk emails for marketing and file sharing with many people - both of which now take less time.

"Certain cloud services will designate certain sections of data to be shared with users – very useful indeed," Ms Cooper added.

She claimed that IT professionals will find it "easy to modify and tailor to a particular business’ needs".

"Businesses all have different models and different ways of doing things," Ms Cooper said.

"Having a cloud server solution ensures that you can change the way information is stored and accessed, right from the data structure through to the colour of certain tabs."

Last month, Karen Atkinson, tax partner and technology leader at Ernst & Young, told the Financial Post that an increasing number of SMBs are embracing cloud computing services.

She said this represents "a fundamental shift in IT" as companies move from continued investment in their own infrastructure to sourcing and developing IT services externally.

"Technology advances, particularly ubiquitous high-speed internet connectivity and the ever-decreasing cost of storage, have finally enabled developers to meet buyers' needs for simplicity, cost and flexibility," she added.

Posted by Alex Boardman