SMBs taking advantage of digital solutions

Thursday 22 November 2012

Digital solutions are becoming increasingly important to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it has been claimed.

Dan Milmo, industrial editor at the Guardian, noted that digital inevitably comes into the equation for SMBs as the economy recovers.

But speaking at a Guardian Small Business Network event, he claimed many small companies are still trying to work out how they fit into the digital economy.

This suggests SMBs are failing to take full advantage of the internet.

Nathan McGurl, digital and social media consultant with Lloyds TSB, noted that the majority of businesses are now online.

He told the same roundtable that a website and social media all help to develop a sense of community and engagement with customers.

"In this new world we have lost that personal relationship with the customers so social media is a way to create a community," Mr McGurl stated.

Earlier this week, research conducted by Spiceworks suggested that SMBs are gradually increasing their IT budgets.

The company found that the average annual SMB IT budget is £102,000, up from the £96,000 reported in May.

Posted by Alex Boardman