Freelancers deserve greater recognition and support

Friday 23 November 2012

A new PCG report has called for greater recognition of the UK's army of self-employed professionals.

The paper - 'The Role of Freelancers in the 21st Century British Economy' - says freelancers need to be supported by the government in order for Britain's economy to thrive.

In the report, Professor Andrew Burke of the Cranfield School of Management said self-employed people play "a significant role in developing innovation" and creating jobs.

"Our economy has changed to such an extent that we have to look again at the role of freelancers," he stated.

"More and more, we see freelancers driving innovation and efficiency in corporations and small enterprises as they grow and deal with the complexities of change."

Mr Burke said public policy needs to reflect this and have a fresh perspective of the 21st century role of freelancers.

John Brazier, managing director of PCG, said it is clear that freelancing is "a vital link" in the value chain that holds the UK’s industry and economy together.

"In the minds of a substantial number of bosses freelancers are the real green shoots of recovery," he stated.

"We now need politicians and business leaders to cultivate these shoots and ensure red tape and a lack of clarity in tax matters doesn’t choke the progress or input of this sector."

Mr Brazier said it is important to ensure barriers - fiscal, regulatory and legal are removed - along with traditional prejudices to ensure freelancers can create a clear pathway to growth.

Posted by Jenny Arthur