SMB bosses must be willing to seek assistance

Friday 23 November 2012

Small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners need to be prepared to seek assistance from other people, it has been claimed.

Paul O'Dea, of Selected Strategies, said it is important to learn how to delegate, in order to lighten the workload.

He told the Daily Post that this is crucial if businesses are to see continued growth.

Failure to delegate can be detrimental to both a business and a founder’s role within it, Mr O'Dea stated.

"Many founders haven't figured out how to change or grow their role as the business develops," he added.

The businessman said it is important to have the self-awareness to hire a better team.

Sometimes assistance needs to come from outside the company, he suggested.

This is because employees can get too entrenched in what they are doing, making it difficult for them to have the necessary sense of perspective, Mr O'Dea said.

"There needs to be help from the side. Get as much input as possible, both good and bad," he said.

Mr O'Dea claimed that getting some outside impetus can often help small businesses move on to the next level.

Posted by Jenny Arthur