Work together better with online collaboration

Friday 23 November 2012

Business meeting

Online collaboration can offer significant value to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it has been claimed.

Nick Simpson, social media co-ordinator at, said collaborative tools provide a space where data can be stored, exchanged and edited by a number of users.

People can use these solutions irrespective of where they are located, he told Business 2 Community.

"The idea is that one person could upload a file that contains all of the work done so far on a project, which can then be accessed by others who are also involved in its development,"

Mr Simpson said this gives them the opportunity to download files - or indeed amend and update them - without having to use local storage.

He said this is "clearly beneficial" compared to traditional solutions, which would end up with multiple copies of the same file being shared around, leading to confusion and inconsistencies.

"It means that the process of running a project is more efficient and staff can simply get more done, whether they are all working from the same office or if they are out in the field on a business trip," Mr Simpson stated.

In his view, another benefit of online collaboration is that companies can improve the levels of security in place to protect business-critical information.

Mr Simpson said that if information is stored on a server in the cloud, there is no need to worry about the integrity of individual devices.

Access will be dependent on the user, rather than access to the laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Posted by Sarah Parish