Ecommerce offers growth potential for SMBs

Monday 26 November 2012

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must be willing to embrace ecommerce in order to achieve their full growth potential, it has been claimed.

Charles Brewer of DHL Express said the advent of online shopping has "significantly boosted" opportunities for companies with an online presence.

He suggested that opening up ecommerce channels enabled companies to trade across borders, which can generate "lucrative growth opportunities".

"SMBs engaged in international trading via channels such as ecommerce are reaping the benefits," Mr Brewer told

He said that, where possible, SMBs should be looking to identify niche areas in which they can provide in-demand goods and services online.

Quickly adapting to a customer need can help position SMBs for growth, Mr Brewer suggested.

However, he conceded that barriers to ecommerce growth do exist, such as a lack of market intelligence - which becomes a particular issue when targeting overseas consumers.

"We are seeing a continued trend for a complete range of end-to-end solutions, beyond the traditional capabilities of warehousing and transportation," he told the news provider.

"Securing a partner with a broad geographical footprint is being seen strategically by some SMBs as a way to gain a deeper understanding of foreign markets, explore expansion opportunities and maximise free trade zones."

Posted by Jenny Arthur