4G networks offer faster web services on the move

Monday 26 November 2012

Small and medium-sized businesses which upgrade to 4G mobile services are able to enjoy a huge speed boost, it has been claimed.

Michael Brook, the technology journalist, explained that fourth-generation networks are capable of delivering data 20 times faster than 3G.

This means business leaders and their employees are able to perform a wider range of online tasks using mobile devices, he suggested.

Laptop, smartphone and tablet users may be able to work more effectively and productively when they are away from the main company premises.

Businesses eager to use 4G

Mr Brook suggested that the vast majority of companies - as many as four in five - are looking to take advantage of 4G mobile services.

At present services are only available in 11 cities around the UK, but this will change during 2013 after Ofcom auctions off 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum.

A number of mobile network providers are set to bid for space in the frequency bands, allowing them to offers faster and more reliable speeds.

They will also be able to provide mobile connectivity across a wider geographic area, helping to eliminate broadband not-spots in the countryside.

"4G will essentially alleviate most of the problems with getting broadband in rural areas of the UK," Mr Brook claimed.

"At the moment, the connection just isn't there - you can't get broadband in certain areas and certainly not high speed broadband."

He explained that 4G is "over the air" and easier to deliver to people in far-flung parts of the UK.

Tablet use is rising

A recent study conducted by Spiceworks revealed that more small and medium-sized businesses are purchasing media tablets in a bid to mobilise their workforces.

The research indicated that the advent of the touch screen devices - such as Microsoft Surface - is encouraging small companies to spend more on IT.

The study highlighted a seven per cent increase in the size of small business IT budgets - from an average of £96,000 to £102,000 since the second quarter of the year.

An additional 12 per cent of firms surveyed were planning to offer employee access to tablets from early 2013 - a figure which may rise as 4G becomes more widely available.

Posted by Alex Boardman