Cyber security plans help lower SMB risks

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from devising a cyber security plan, it has been claimed.

Raphael Ouzan, chief technology officer and founder of BillGuard, suggested it is a common misconception that putting up defences to close security vulnerabilities is enough.

He said the nature of the problem at hand is that there will never be a system that cannot be penetrated.

"Every [piece of] software from the operating system layer up to the application layer can be tampered with, given the appropriate resources," Mr Ouzan claimed.

He said SMBs need to give sufficient attention to monitoring risks and creating alerts.

"In most cases, you need to cope with significant up-front investments to enable tracking and alerting to irregularities in network and data activity," Mr Ouzan stated.

"At the time of a breach or a loss of data, this monitoring information will be the key factor determining your ability to even be aware of the problem, let alone pinpoint the issue."

He said a good disaster recovery plan should provide a clear procedure to pinpoint and close the vulnerability in question.

Businesses should also deliver a well thought-out disclosure plan to partners and customers, Mr Ouzan suggested.

Posted by Alex Boardman