Social media ensures consumers digest marketing content

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Social media

Using social media can be one of the best ways for businesses to engage with their target audience, it has been claimed.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Rashed Khan said that once marketing content has been published, companies need to ensure as many people view it as possible.

He claimed that leveraging social media is "an excellent place to start" in order to achieve this aim.

"Posting content on your social media accounts will bring your content to those following your social media accounts," Mr Khan said.

"If these people like your content, they may choose to share it with their followers and a snowball effect is created."

Should the content published by the firm prove particularly popular, it could even result in it going viral, he noted.

And this means many thousands - potentially even millions - of consumers will encounter the company brand through the online advertising campaign.

Meanwhile, Mr Khan explained that social media signals are one of the factors used to determine which pages rank highest in search engine results.

"An article that gets a good number of ‘Likes’, shares, comments, tweets [or] +1s is likely to improve your search engine positions as well," he added.

Posted by Jenny Arthur