Plenty of scope for further virtualisation adoption

Wednesday 28 November 2012


There is still plenty of scope for the adoption of virtualisation in business, it has been claimed.

Cameron Haight, a Gartner analyst, said that while virtualisation solutions are common, use of the technique is still "far from universal" in the business world.

"As an industry, we’re only at about 50 per cent total virtualisation," he stated, as reported by Lifehacker.

"There’s still a larger market for virtualisation than the somewhat hype-filled cloud market."

Mr Haight highlighted a number of common mistakes which businesses need to avoid when attempting to virtualise their IT infrastructures.

He said it is important for businesses to consider a full range of options, rather than simply choosing VMware - the most common platform.

A failure to check software compatibility, carry out performance testing or question whether virtualisation is appropriate also tends to prove problematic, Mr Haight said.

Poor financial planning and the absence of ongoing management plans are also common mistakes, he stated.

UKFast’s enterprise solutions architect Tyson Dye recently claimed that a lack of technological understanding and expertise may be preventing businesses from making the most of virtualisation technology.

Speaking at a roundtable discussion hosted by his company, he suggested that the greatest fear for many business leaders is often the unknown.

Posted by Alex Boardman