Cloud computing helps businesses upgrade IT

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Cloud computing

The advantages of cloud computing are "innumerable" over any other hosting services, it has been claimed.

Writing for HostReview, Michael Moore said cloud hosting can help improve the security of online services and data.

The platform offers many security features that are "incomparable with others", he claimed.

Mr Moore claimed that using cloud computing allows companies to access high-end IT services which meet multi-functional hardware requirements.

Firms can access costly hardware and applications in seconds, which can help relieve a "huge burden" from their shoulders, he said.

"Clients do not have to worry about the maintenance and proper functioning of the cloud because the service provider will manage [it] for you," Mr Moore claimed.

Another benefit of cloud computing is that businesses can pay for services as and when they use them - building an element of flexibility into their plan.

Businesses are not required to pay for software, platform or infrastructure up-front - and they have the ability to increase or decrease usage according to demand.

Mr Moore claimed that easy access to data and IT services is another of the principle benefits.

You can work from home, office or even while traveling because cloud services enable us to log on to our data on cloud with any device," he noted.

"People can work from any part of the world without any kind of difficulty and interruption."

Posted by Alex Boardman