Publish marketing content throughout the year

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Customer service

In order to maximise the impact of their marketing content, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to drip-feed it throughout the year.

This is the view of Epicor's Rashed Khan, who said it is important not to bombard consumers with advertising content at any particular point.

"There is a tendency to create too much content, unleash it on the internet and then expect it to carry traction throughout the year," Mr Khan stated.

But he told Business 2 Community that this "isn’t always a good idea".

"News and current events change all the time which means your target audience may not be searching for the same things as they were searching for two or three months ago," he noted.

Mr Khan urged SMBs to publish content "consistently and persistently".

They need to make sure the marketing material has some relevance to current events, he stated.

This increases the chance of the content striking a chord with the readership, who may then go on to investigate the company's goods or services with a view to making a purchase.

Last week, website design firm Add People claimed companies can improve their brand awareness through content marketing.

Posted by Jenny Arthur