Windows 8 could see more CIOs invest in tablets

Thursday 29 November 2012

Business confidence

The availability of Windows 8 on tablet devices may encourage more chief information officers (CIOs) to embrace the mobile devices, it has been suggested.

International Data Corporation (IDC) said that as more employees bring their personal tablets into the workspace, CIOs are expressing "serious concerns" about security, compliance and support issues relating to the dominant tablet platforms - iOS and Android.

As such, the firm expects Windows 8-based tablets to be seen as "the proverbial saviour" for many CIOs.

The firm said they are more likely to embrace a tablet that will meet the demands of employees, and do so running an operating system they are better able to manage, integrate and secure.

"Many companies will therefore issue Windows 8 tablets to their employees 2013," IDC stated.

However, the firm said it will be necessary for tablets using this operating system to win the hearts and minds of tablet users.

Otherwise, an increasing number of employees will ditch their company-issued devices in favour of personal tablets they have purchased for use at home, IDC suggested.

This will force more businesses to devise policies for bring your own device which balance opportunity and risk.

Posted by Alex Boardman