Use big data to learn about customers

Thursday 29 November 2012

Big data

The emergence of big data is helping businesses to learn more about their customers, it has been claimed.

Joe McKendrick, independent analyst, affiliated with Unisphere Research/Information Today, said much of the new data being generated is coming from email, weblogs, documents, social media, video files, graphics and so forth.

This kind of data can provide a previously unseen view of customers and markets, he claimed.

"It's not enough to know how sales were in such-and-such a region in the last quarter," Mr McKendrick stated.

"Organisations need to know what customers are saying right now about a new product, or maybe even unexpected ways they're using the product."

He claimed that big data analysis can also be applied to the internal workings of the organisation.

For instance, how are employees responding to the latest incentive programme?

"However, most organisations are only just beginning to figure out ways to capture and analyse this data," Mr McKendrick said.

A study conducted by market research firm Telsyte recently revealed that business intelligence is a key priority for many chief information officers.

The research indicated that IT leaders are seeking ways of using information more effectively, responding to big data and making more informed business decisions.

Posted by Dan Smith