Mobile solutions helping women balance work and family

Friday 30 November 2012

Business confidence

Mobile technology is giving female professionals the flexibility they need to balance their careers with family life, it has been claimed.

Kelly Manthey, mobile solutions delivery director at Solstice Mobile, explained that technological developments are enabling women to look after their children while continuing to work full-time.

"Now, we are able to juggle both a lot easier because of mobile technology," she said.

Speaking to TechZone 360, Ms Manthey said that by turning her mobile phone off, she essentially leaves the office - freeing her up to concentrate on non-work tasks.

"I can turn my phone back on when I have time and I can do the things to help manage my family and my work," she stated.

Ms Manthey explained that key work documents and information needed for employment tasks can now be accessed via mobile devices.

Workers can take advantage of productivity solutions via their mobiles, smartphones and media tablets, she suggested.

"While I am sitting on the train on my morning commute, I am able to do my online banking from a personal perspective, as well as get a head start on whatever is waiting for me in the office that day," Ms Manthey stated.

Posted by Alex Boardman