SMBs relying on discount offers to attract customers

Friday 30 November 2012

An increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are relying on discount promotions in order to attract new customers, it has been claimed.

Research commissioned by Flyerzone found that the average SMB is now offering a discount on goods and services of 21 per cent.

This is a five percentage point increase on the figure at the equivalent point in 2011, the firm said, as reported by Fresh Business Thinking.

SMBs in the north-east of England were found to offer the highest discounts (23 per cent) followed by those in the north-west (22.8 per cent).

Gavin Cockerill, managing director at Flyerzone, commented that it has been a long and difficult four years for SMBs in the UK.

"Although our economy is stronger, the need for enticing offers and discounts for customers is still there," he stated.

"Competition is fierce especially for smaller businesses so to remain relevant, you have to answer those needs.''

According to Patricia Davidson, the founder of, SMBs need to target consumers over the internet if they are to achieve their earnings potential during the Christmas period.

She said it is vitally important for companies to have a fast and reliable website, which allows consumers to order goods and services over the web.

Posted by Jenny Arthur