Focus on reducing business energy costs, govt urged

Monday 3 December 2012


Business needs must remain at the heart of government energy policy, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has claimed.

Commenting after the publication of the long-awaited energy bill, BCC director of policy Dr Adam Marshall said many companies are concerned about the rising costs of fuel.

He claimed that businesses are suffering in the same way as households as energy costs skyrocket.

Rising prices mean fewer jobs and less investment at a time when we are relying on the private sector to drive growth and wealth creation, Dr Marshall stated.

"The energy bill must outline energy policies that deliver affordability, certainty and security for both business and consumers," he stated.

"The government must get this right or the competitiveness of the UK as a whole will suffer as a result."

Research conducted by the BCC reveals that 40 per cent of businesses think rising fuel costs have adversely affected their growth.

Over 60 per cent of business leaders surveyed said they were unaware of the Green Deal, the government’s flagship energy efficiency programme.

And of those who are aware of the scheme, 30 per cent are sceptical that savings anticipated by the government can actually be achieved.

Posted by Dan Smith