Social media marketing less effective in isolation

Monday 3 December 2012

Customer service

Social media marketing is unlikely to work effectively if used in isolation, it has been suggested.

LaSandra Brill, senior manager of global social media at Cisco, said businesses need to focus on developing an integrated communications strategy in order to achieve real gains.

Speaking to Business 2 Community, she noted that social media "has exploded" in recent years and there are multiple ways to connect and engage with customers.

But the channel in itself is no silver bullet - a variety of platforms may be needed in order to attract the attention of consumers and draw them in.

"The key is to identify your key channels, focus your efforts on those and have an integrated communication strategy for both your social media and traditional vehicles," Ms Brill stated.

"For example if you are trying to start a conversation on a particular topic have that topic exist in all your key channels."

However, she said that companies need to do more than simply copy and paste - they have to mould the conversation so that it fits the medium.

"Like advertising, if you want the song to stick, every channel has to play the same tune," Ms Brill claimed.

Posted by Jenny Arthur