Another rise in company volumes during October

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Business meeting

The number of companies on the UK Active Register rose by more than 15,000 during October 2012, it has been revealed.

Latest figures published by Companies House show a rise from 2,692,959 to 2,708,970 firms between the week ending October 7th and the week ending November 4th.

In England and Wales, the total number of private companies on the Active Register increased from 2,508,717 to 2,523,631.

At the same time, ten public companies were lost - with the total number listed on the stock exchange falling from 6,968 to 6,958.

In Scotland, there were 146,735 private companies at the start of the month, rising to 147,574 by the end.

The number of plcs north of the border fell by one during October, with the total number falling from 248 to 247.

Northern Ireland gained 258 new active companies, as the Six Counties total increased from 37,507 to 37,765. The number of public companies held firm at 30.

Back in September, the number of UK Active Companies increased from 2,677,781 to 2,687,232 - continuing a growth trend witnessed since the end of the 2008-09 recession.

Posted by Steve Williams