Customer service woes are costing businesses trade

Wednesday 5 December 2012

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Too many consumers feel as if they are being let down where customer service is concerned, a new study has indicated.

Research conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of SugarCRM found that many consumers feel they remain strangers to the companies they buy goods and services from.

Some 75 per cent of those who have ever called customer support said they were frustrated at the quality of service, and also the fact that the business was not aware of their purchasing history.

And 52 per cent said they have had a negative experience with a sales representative that ultimately caused them to not buy from the company.

Some 42 per cent of survey respondents said they had requested to speak to somebody else having been underwhelmed by the level of service on offer.

Larry Augustin, chief executive of SugarCRM, said that whether customers are seeking service by traditional or digital channels, they are becoming "incredibly disillusioned" by the lack of customer expertise they are encountering.

"These findings should offer a wake-up call to all companies whose existence depends on happy customers," he stated.

"It’s clear that businesses need to do a far better job of providing each customer facing professional with the information they need to understand and effectively engage with their customers."

Mr Augustin said businesses need to make every customer-facing user an instant customer expert.

"They must understand the individual they are speaking with and ensure every interaction drives value for the customer. This is the next generation of CRM," he added.

Posted by Jenny Arthur