Ecommerce websites need sufficient server support

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Big data

Reliable web hosting becomes even more important than ever over the busy festive period, as businesses strive to maximise their ecommerce revenues.

An increasing number of consumers are using the internet to do their Christmas shopping, and this means companies need to have sturdy, reliable websites which can cope with increased demands.

Writing for Internet Retailing, Mike Bainbridge said it is important that businesses can scale out the number of servers their website uses, to cope with spikes in the market.

He noted that guaranteed uptime - despite power cuts or server failures - can be achieved with the right hardware setup.

"The most common bottleneck causing downtime is a server being pushed beyond its processing capabilities," Mr Bainbridge noted.

"Deploying more servers dedicated to handling specific tasks is the solution, as this allows more orders to be processed."

He explained that some hosting providers promise up to 99.999 per cent uptime in their service level agreements - and this is needed with online revenues at stake.

"Ecommerce-optimised hosting increases the amount of manageable simultaneous traffic by up to five times and doubles the number of manageable simultaneous orders," Mr Bainbridge said.

Posted by Jenny Arthur