Small firms can benefit from business internet

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Customer service

Small companies should be aware of the benefits of subscribing for a business internet package, it has been suggested.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Clint Thackston said business leaders need to account for the current and future requirements of their enterprise when signing up for broadband services.

If the company is going to progress beyond a one-person home enterprise, there may be benefits to taking out a business - rather than home - internet contract.

"Depending on how large the company is you may need to establish multiple IP connections," Mr Thackston stated.

"For businesses operating in the technology world the need for multiple IP addresses is one that is essential.  Businesses that deal with a high volume of emails many also need more than one IP address to handle the amount of mail sent and received."

He explained that companies also need to ensure near-guaranteed uptime, which is generally not available with residential connections.

"Data interrupts account for thousands of cases of corrupted emails, dropped conference calls, laggy phone conversations and missed faxes," Mr Thackston noted.

He added that business internet packages almost always come with the promise of better support, response times and greater reliability.

Posted by Alex Boardman