Desktop virtualisation offers benefits for retailers

Thursday 13 December 2012


Desktop virtualisation can help improve business productivity in the retail sector, it has been claimed.

According to Cisco, the technique enables employees to securely access and share online workspaces on a wide range of devices.

The networking solutions firm said retailers in particular can benefit from the use of desktop virtualisation.

"Cost-effective access can be provided for mobile employees using a virtual desktop or any device," Cisco stated.

"Maintenance costs can be reduced for standalone laptops and servers in distributed locations."

In addition, controlled information sharing between suppliers and retailers can be supported to facilitate greater supply chain efficiency, the firm said.

Application deployment and upgrades across the retail business can be accelerated, Cisco added.

"With desktop virtualisation, retail IT teams have a unique opportunity to enhance how services are delivered to users accessing desktops and applications," the firm claimed.

Research conducted this year by Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group found that improved business continuity, increased employee productivity, and lower IT costs are the main benefits of desktop virtualisation.

Posted by Alex Boardman