Cloud computing helps reduce fuel spending

Monday 17 December 2012

Customer service

Cloud computing can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) reduce their spending on fuel, it has been suggested.

Tim Reed, chief executive of MYOB, said high petrol and diesel prices remain a major price pressure point for SMBs.

He said this is likely to remain the case in 2013, affecting firms working in transport, postal and warehousing in particular.

Mr Reed said that, given the pressure fuel places on businesses, all managers should consider the benefits of teleworking.

In his view, remote access technologies like cloud-based document management and online accounting cab make a significant difference to SMBs.

"Dropping the geographic boundaries may attract higher quality staff, increase efficiencies and collaboration, and reduce operating costs," Mr Reed stated.

"Communities also benefit from less congestion on roads and public transport."

The MYOB boss said research conducted by his firm suggested 53 per cent of cloud adopters were likely to experience a rise in revenue as a result.

Firms with a website were also more likely to see an increase in trade, he stated.

"The vast gains that can be achieved by bringing business online will almost certainly outweigh any time spent researching and implementing the best way forward," Mr Reed added.

Posted by Dan Smith