Review content marketing strategies, businesses urged

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Small business marketers should be constantly assessing and reviewing their content, to ensure all published materials have the maximum positive effect.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Sheryl Roehl urged firms to conduct period content marketing audits.

She said this can help identify content needs at each step in the buying cycle.

Businesses can find gaps in their marketing campaigns which risk costing potential gains, Ms Roehl stated.

"For example, your organisation may not have sufficient case studies and video testimonials for building credibility and overcoming prospects’ objections during the sales cycle," she stated.

Ms Roehl said marketers should look to pinpoint emerging needs.

"You may need to support the rollout of a new solution with web content and sales collateral. Be sure to put a plan in place to address upcoming content asset needs like these," she stated.

Then marketers need to ramp up visibility and build brand awareness, the expert claimed.

And finally, companies need to "tune up" lead and customer nurturing programmes, Ms Roehl noted.

"Keep prospects engaged until they’re ready to buy by delivering a steady stream of relevant content," she urged.

"In the coming year, content will become an even more critical resource for engaging buyers and driving thought leadership. By implementing [these] tactics, you’ll be better positioned to get the results you want."

Posted by Jenny Arthur