Mobile solutions boost workplace productivity

Thursday 20 December 2012

Business confidence

Mobile solutions are considered by employees to be the most important productivity tools, it has been claimed.

In a study conducted by business apps provider Roambi, 40 per cent of respondents offered the view that laptops are the top productivity booster.

Some 30 per cent expressed favour for media tablets in this respect, while 26.5 per cent viewed their smartphone as being most important.

Desktop PCs came in fourth in the survey, behind the three forms of mobile connected solutions.

Having a cup of coffee was seen to be the fifth most important productivity booster, while having a meeting cancelled unexpectedly came next in the chart.

The survey revealed that meetings are rated most harmful to productivity, followed closely by sitting through slide and spreadsheet presentations.

Office chitchat, social media browsing and multitasking were rated more problematic than having an alcoholic drink at lunchtime.

Writing for GoMo News this week, Andgeeksh staff writer Pearlie Davis claimed that an increasing number of businesspeople are using mobile devices to boost productivity levels.

The use of such solutions allows them to connect with the office while they are on the road, travelling, and dealing with staff and clients halfway around the globe, she claimed.

Posted by Alex Boardman