Mobile solutions help drive business productivity

Thursday 20 December 2012

The use of mobile tools may help employees work more productively, enabling businesses to grow and run more smoothly, it has been suggested.

Pearlie Davis, staff writer at Andgeeksh, said that today's business owners need to be mobile in order to develop their enterprises.

She said they must be able to work effectively when away from the office, to ensure 'dead time' does not blight operations.

"That means they need to connect back to the office when they’re on the road, travelling, and dealing with staff and clients half way around the globe," Ms Davis told GoMo News.

She said mobile tools are essential as individuals look to achieve this goal.

"The days of business filing away paper documents and meeting one-on-one with clients and contractors to conduct business are long gone," she stated.

"The current business landscape demands that businesses be mobile - as far as browsing, shopping, buying, meeting and marketing goes."

An increasing number of business leaders and employees are looking to take advantage of laptops, smartphones and media tablets when working away from the office.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Daniel Backhaus recently predicted that mobile data consumption could eclipse that from desktop computers as early as 2013.

Posted by Alex Boardman