Virtualisation helps guarantee service uptime

Friday 21 December 2012

IT security

Continued service uptime is one of the main advantages of virtualisation technology, it has been suggested.

In an article for TNW, VMware claimed that building a virtualisation environment, and including a few hosts in a cluster, gives firms a range of options.

"You’ve got a whole brave new world at your fingertips, the firm claimed.

VMware said this allows a company to plan for failure, as if the host suffers an outage, "it is not the end of the world".

"Your virtual machine is just migrated onto another, perfectly functional host," the company stated.

"The same goes for storage – if a logical unit number fills up or becomes slow, you can move it elsewhere without needing to take it down."

The firm explained that this entire process can be automated, meaning the client "does not even have to think about it".

According to Nick Parfitt, senior analyst at DCD Intelligence, IT managers are increasingly prioritising the modernisation, virtualisation and consolidation of their data centres.

He told the Age that the global data centre industry is expanding "exponentially", and businesses are rushing to keep up.

Posted by Alex Boardman