BI converging with other technologies, expert claims

Friday 21 December 2012

Business intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) can no longer be viewed as a standalone function, it has been claimed.

Tony Cosentino, vice-president and research director at Ventana Research, said BI is starting to converge with new technologies such as mobility, collaboration and cloud computing.

"Just a few years ago BI might have been considered a mature category with incremental growth, but now it’s growing in new directions," he told Smart Data Collective.

Mr Cosentino said one of the reasons for the dramatic change in BI is the impact of consumer technologies in the workplace.

He claimed that more than half of all businesses are currently deploying or plan to deploy tablet computers in their BI environments.

"This trend is driven by executives who have started to bring their devices to work and are asking for support – the so-called BYOD movement," Mr Cosentino stated.

He said that next-generation BI is "extremely important" and can provide "real competitive advantages", but it is still a bit of a minefield.

"For this reason, we strongly encourage companies to look at their information environments, consider current role-based workflows, and develop solutions that fit as seamlessly as possible into their environments," the expert said.

"The alternative - deploying next-generation BI in a horizontal manner without careful thought for how the technologies integrate with the surrounding people, process and information - is just asking for trouble."

Posted by Alex Boardman