SMBs failing to get to grips with public relations

Friday 21 December 2012

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lack the knowledge, strategy and tools to make the most of their public relations investments, it has been suggested.

A study conducted by Mynewsdesk found that while 94 per cent of SMBs see the benefits of PR and 49 expect to spend more in this area next year, many companies are failing to maximise their ROI.

SMBs are embracing social media networks but lack the expertise and tools to engage with key journalists and opinion leaders, the firm claimed.

Some 88 per cent said they are failing to engage effectively with the media, and 75 per cent are not even sure who to engage with.

The majority of firms said they do not issue press releases, and just 30 per cent maintain any form of contact list. Three-quarters do not have a media area for journalists to access.

"SMBs have the right intentions, but they’re not getting the most from their investment," said Peter Ingman, chief executive of Mynewsdesk.

He said that while SMBs are keen to try and manage their own PR and engage with their audience online, the vast majority are failing to do so in an effective manner.

In all too many cases, they are simply not getting the basics right, Mr Ingman stated.

"This could be for any number of reasons, not least that non-PR Professionals may find it overwhelming to manage the many channels of communication that are relevant to modern public relations," he added.

Posted by Alex Boardman