People using cloud computing without realising it

Friday 28 December 2012

Cloud computing

An increasing number of people are using cloud computing services without realising it, according to the results of a recent study,

A poll conducted by Wakefield Research found that 54 per cent of online respondents believe they do not use cloud services.

However, 95 per cent of those believing they do not use cloud computing actually do, reports

Some 65 per cent use online banking and 63 per cent shop over the internet, both of which take advantage of cloud hosting.

And the 58 per cent who use social media, 45 per cent who play online games and 29 per cent who store photos online are also taking advantage of the cloud.

The survey highlights just how versatile and all-encompassing cloud computing has become.

But the survey also points to increasing acceptance of cloud services - knowingly or inadvertently - among consumers, something which could translate over into the world of business.

Respondents in the Wakefield Research study were asked to identify the principle benefits of cloud computing, based upon their own perception or experience.

Some 35 per cent of respondents thought that lower costs were the main benefit, while the same proportion thought the platform could improve consumer engagement for business.

Another 32 per cent thought cloud services could serve as a catalyst for business growth.

Posted by Alex Boardman