Email and social media to sit side by side

Friday 28 December 2012

Email will remain a popular communication tool for employees in 2013, it has been suggested.

Troy Larson, social media specialist for Mindjet, said there is "no doubt" email will continue to be an important interface for knowledge workers.

Writing for Business 2 Community, he said email will continue to evolve, with collaboration solutions coming to the fore.

Enhancements to email services will continue to make the platform an integral tool for employees, Mr Larson predicted.

And as such, it will not be replaced by social media - despite the growing popularity of networking websites.

"These new enterprise social tools can learn a thing or two from email if they are to become as important a tool as email is today," Mr Larson said.

"For example, right now users need interoperability between the various enterprise social systems that exist today, and some degree of user interface standardisation much like what he have with email today."

He offered the view that email and social media will continue to work together, rather than the former being displaced by the latter.

A "strong symbiotic relationship" is likely to be developed between the two, as knowledge workers develop the skills to leverage the power of both, Mr Larson stated.

Posted by Sarah Parish