SMBs to turn to mobility tools in 2013

Monday 31 December 2012

Fewer small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will use desktop computers in 2012, it has been predicted.

In an article for, Rieva Lesonsky, chief executive of GrowBiz Media, claimed that more SMB workloads will be based around laptops, media tablets and smartphones.

She claimed that mobility will increasingly change the way we do business.

Citing figures from CDW's 2012 Small Business Mobility Report, Ms Lesonsky reported that 36 per cent of employees have replaced a desktop computer with a smartphone or tablet.

And based upon current adoption trends, a further one in five workers will do so within the next two years.

"Adoption of tablets in the workplace is projected to grow a whopping 117 per cent by then, while smartphone adoption at work will surge 33 per cent," Ms Lesonsky claimed.

She said that smart entrepreneurs will tap into mobile's potential to work faster, more efficiently and more effectively.

And businesses will reap the rewards in terms of improved individual performance, less 'dead time' and increased productivity.

According to Movius Interactive Corporation, 2012 has been "a critical year" for the bring your own device trend.

The firm said that ever-more employees have sought to use their own personal devices over corporate networks, as they seek productivity gains.

Posted by Alex Boardman