Evolution of firewalls to continue in 2013

Wednesday 2 January 2013

IT security

The coming year will see firewalls become embedded within network infrastructure, it has been claimed.

Reuven Harrison, chief technology officer at Tufin Technologies, said the firewall is seen as "an obvious point of entry" to the security market for many vendors.

Writing for Fresh Business Thinking, he said that while the enterprise firewall market is already saturated, it is "far from stagnant".

Mr Harrison noted that new versions continue to be introduced, enhanced unified threat management systems are being launched and incumbent providers are continuing to innovate.

"In 2013, I believe, this trend will accelerate. Companies from various domains will introduce their own firewall, each with enough razzamatazz to secure adoption," he stated.

"In tandem, I think enterprises will find themselves with an increased set of management challenges, not least that they’ll now have far more firewall ‘flavours’ to choose from."

Mr Harrison identified innovation and progress to upgrade infrastructure, improve architecture, and design as the drive behind "major shifts" within and outside the realm of IT security.

According to research conducted by CompTIA, 83 per cent of business organisations made security a higher priority during 2012.

Two-thirds of UK managers surveyed said they thought they had sufficient budgets to keep their organisations safeguarded against online threats.

Posted by Alex Boardman