Make educated cloud computing choices, businesses urged

Thursday 3 January 2013

IT security

IT professionals should not necessarily use cloud computing for every single function or process, it has been claimed.

In his latest InfoWorld blog, David Linthicum said that all too often, they try to put "cloud computing square pegs into enterprise round holes".

This is a poor move, given that cloud computing is not a fit in all instances, he stated.

Mr Linthicum noted that using hosted services where it is not appropriate can simply add unnecessary cost and complexity.

He urged IT professionals to "do their homework", in terms of assessing the capabilities of the cloud and also its potential benefits.

"This means understanding the needs of the business and the problem you're looking to solve," Mr Linthicum stated.

"Moreover, make sure there's a clear business case for the cloud."

Earlier this week, Proformative said there is "no question" that hosted services will further gain in popularity in the coming year.

The news provider said non-users will find it increasingly difficult to persist with traditional IT delivery approaches in 2013 as the cloud gains further momentum.

Posted by Alex Boardman