Boost service levels by treating each customer as unique

Tuesday 8 January 2013

When dealing with customers, it is vital that businesspeople treat them as individuals, it has been claimed.

Writing for Smart Company, Bri Williams of People Patterns Pty Ltd, said it is crucial to offer a personalised service where possible, in order to meet the specific needs of each customer.

"Just as we cope better when we know what the evaluation process will be, we also want to be treated as unique individuals," she stated.

Ms Williams claimed that people have a need for uniqueness - they do not want to go through the same sales process as every single customer.

She said business leaders or sales staff should never tell a customer they are one of many because that will diminish their sense of individuality.

According to Ms Williams, the more flexible businesses can be with customers, the better their experience of the transaction is likely to be.

Last month, research conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of SugarCRM found that many consumers feel they remain strangers to the companies they buy goods and services from.

Some 75 per cent of those who had called customer support said they were frustrated at the quality of service, and also the fact that the business was not aware of their purchasing history.

And 52 per cent said they have had a negative experience with a sales representative that ultimately caused them to not buy from the company.

Posted by Jenny Arthur