Business intelligence tools can offer productivity boost

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Business intelligence solutions can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) increase productivity levels, it has been claimed.

Shitali Malviya, consultant at Sigma Infosolutions, said that by nature SMBs need to get more done with fewer people at their disposal.

She said one of the key benefits of BI is that it will automate reporting within the business, which saves times and money in the process.

It can reduce resources and labour costs used for the collation, analysis and distribution of vital business data, Ms Malviya claimed.

"It can pull data in a format known by the business user to manipulate and distribute meaningful information in a familiar way," she added.

"Traditionally taking days every month to compile, BI can provide real-time automated reports, executable at the click of a button, which draws up-to-date trusted data directly from existing sources and deliver a single version of the truth."

Ms Malviya said that by providing on-demand real-time reports, BI plays "a significant role" in creating time-savings and increasing productivity.

Not only can employees spend their time focusing on other value-adding tasks as a result of automation, but they can use the information gained from the business intelligence system to improve the management of the organisation.

Posted by Alex Boardman