Non-execs can contribute to SMB growth and success

Wednesday 9 January 2013

The addition of a non-executive to the small and medium-sized business (SMB) board can make a real difference, it has been claimed.

Writing for Guardian Professional, Guy Clapperton said it often pays off to bring in some external expertise from outside the company.

He said that in many SMBs, the resources and skills of the people in the business appear to reach their natural peak.

And to progress beyond this point, the addition of a business expert from outside the organisation may be required.

However, Mr Clapperton suggested that hiring new staff may not be the right approach.

It may be more cost efficient to secure the services of a top industry performer for two days per month, rather than hiring them on a top salary for the entire year.

"Non-executive directors are effectively part-time employees, working and advising at director level but not taking an executive position," the writer stated.

He said that while the cost will be dependent on the task involved, SMBs can make significant savings by going down this route.

Mr Clapperton claimed the key is to identify and secure the services of the right person - someone with experience, integrity and credibility.

They must also be able to deliver quickly - as the non-executive will not have weeks to get used to the job or their role within the organisation.

Posted by Jenny Arthur